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Welcome to the Occupy Portland Finance Page. You can find the OPDX Spending page here.

This page is evolving. Please bear with us.

PLEASE NOTE: There have been several reports of people and/or organizations soliciting donations on behalf of Occupy Portland. PLEASE DO NOT DONATE TO ANYONE YOU ARE NOT SURE IS AFFILIATED WITH OR SANCTIONED BY THE OCCUPY PORTLAND GENERAL ASSEMBLY OR WORKING COMMITTEES.

If you have questions, please gather all the details you can about the person(s) soliciting and contact us here.

We appreciate people wanting to assist Occupy Portland, but they need to work directly with OPDX Finance or one of the OPDX Committees or working groups first to make sure that all money is accounted for and everything is done transparently. Presently Occupy Portland has not approved any door to door canvassing or that involves solicitation. Please contact us ASAP if someone comes to your door on our behalf asking for money.

Below is a list of current sanctioned/approved OPDX fundraising:

WePay: General Fund | Legal Defense Fund | Parks Restoration Fund | Office/Meeting Space Fund | LiveStream Fund
LoudSauce: Media Coalition Commercial
On Site/Events/Committees: Info Desk, Kitchen, Finance
Fundraisers (Present and Past): Occupy Bagdad

Please see the Occupy Calendar for meeting info.

Current Online Contribution Status:

Online Contribution transaction statement to date:

As of 2/10/2012:
General Fund: $2485.00 / 872.18 dispersed so far
Legal Defense Fund: $265.00 / None spent yet
Park Restoration Fund: $345.00 / None spent yet
Meeting/Office Space Fund: $360/ 250 dispersed so far
Occupy Bagdad: Total Raised: $2,784. $1,392 to Parks Restoration. $550 spent on art/media/ $874 to Trust Account
Random Contributions: $297 in temporary Unitus credit union account / None spent yet
On-site donations: $650+


The original finance committee proposal is available here:

General Assembly Notes for 2011-10-25


  • Notetaker Marla- PDF | Text

Mission Statement:

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee consists of one person from each committee if they so choose as well as members of the movement.

The mission of the Finance Committee is to oversee all activities pertaining to fund raising and the procurement of funds associated with the Occupy Portland movement and to insure that all funds are managed transparently and safe from improper use.

The Finance Committee also insures that all fund raising activities associated with the movement reflect well upon the movement itself.

The finance committee is responsible for distributing funds to specific purposes as approved by the General Assembly (i.e. Parks Restoration) and weekly Spending Committee budgets as decided through the Spokescouncil.

Full transparency is a must at all times for the Finance, Spending and all other financial matters pertaining to Occupy Portland. All meetings will be open for public observance, minutes will be kept and made public.

All donations and grants coming in and all expenditures going out will be made public and accountable



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