Section I

General Assembly Info & Needs: 


National Lawyers Guild

  • HOTLINE FOR ARRESTS: Info will be available next week
  •  it was recommended to call them if you hear of an arrest or if you are arrested
  • Send Legal Questions (What can I do legally and where?) to: occupyportland@gmail.com and they will be forwarded to the NLG representative in Portland.
  • Aim to protect protesters and keep this a peaceful protest.
  • Will attempt to coordinate representatives for those arrested
  • If you are being arrested, try to tell people around you: Who you are; And that you are being arrested (which may be obvious)
  • Not obligated to speak to police. Within rights to wait for a lawyer (Miranda Rights & the Freedom of Speech [or not to speak])
  • N.L.G. Observers are being worked out.
  • N.L.G. will be setting up a “Know Your Rights” seminar for anyone wanting to attend. Will post info on date and time as soon as available.

Food committee 

  • Need people to network for food and drink donations.
  • Need people to help deliver food to Water Front Park.

Internet Committee

  • Website is being worked on now.   occupyoregon.org
  • Info also available on:  occupytogether.org
  • Fb page www.facebook.com/pages/occupyportland

Media Committee

  • Need volunteers to provide Live Streaming Equipment.

    Coordination Contact:

  • Need to contact Indie media teams and request their presence.
  • Need people to video tape and photograph.

Tactical Committee

  • Legal fact sheet to be released ASAP. This is being worked on now. Hope to have it completed within the next week.
  • Need suggestions for marching routes during the day and alternative routes if plans are disrupted by anything.
  • All marches will be decided by the Portland GA before proceeding.
  • Need suggestions for alternate locations to meet if something happens and we are forced out of Waterfront Park.

Outreach Commitee 

  • Need volunteers to network with different organizations & groups in the community.
  • Need volunteers to translate for those that dont speak English.

Student Committee

  • Need volunteers to network at local colleges and universities.

Communications Committee

  • We need volunteers to keep the information flowing via social networking and contacting the press. Fb, twitter, blogs, youtube, etc.

Medical Committee

  • We need first aid supplies and volunteers for the medical team. 
  • Volunteers with red cross or cpr certification. 

Morale Committee

  • Need volunteers to keep up the spirit through chants, speeches, music etc. 

Bedding & Rain Gear Committee

  • Need umbrellas, tarps, sleeping bags, blankets, etc. 
  • Currently researching laws on tents & other structures in the park. Info on this issue will be available soon. 

Housing Assistance

  • We need volunteers and outreach for a place to shower,etc. for those coming from out of town.


Section III Suggestions: 



  • Please send any suggestions or recommendations to occupyportland@gmail.com and use suggestion in the subject. All suggestions will be added to the web site and fb discussion board for discussion by the group.
  • Translations from English to other languages for outreach is important
  • Formation of thematic groups (these will be our individual working groups/committees) is important for developing bonds within the Portland GA & for allowing more proposals to get passed in assemblies with less ideological or semantic debate.
  • Saying the phrase, “I formally propose” when proposing an item for consideration within the GA.
  • It is important that we are representing ourselves as a unified group across the country. We should mirror the NYCGA idea that we should use ideas and language introduced involving solutions instead of demands.
  • The Portland GA will have NO marshals, nor will any be recognized as such by the Portland GA, with any powers to make decisions on behalf of, or speak for, the Portland GA.


If you have anything to add please post it in the comments section below or in the discussion topics at www.facebook.com/pages/occupyportland