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May 9, 7PM: S. Brian Willson Speaks at Occupy Portland

April 21, 2012
By opdxmycelium

Brian Willson, author of the book Blood on the Tracks, speaks at the St Francis dining hall for this Occupy Portland event.   Willson is a member of Veterans for Peace who lost both legs while trying to block a munitions train in 1987 that was bringing weapons to El Salvador to be used against peasants, villagers, union organizers, nurses, and whoever stood in the way of elite power under the protection of US imperialism.  Willson is also widely known as a hunger striker in Washington DC, a peace activist in Nicaragua and elsewhere.  He is a passionate and effective speaker on issues of the war economy under which we are all suffering, and he has experience and knowledge about the movement for a more sustainable, ecological, and sane way of life.

Brian Willson will give a presentation and answer audience questions.  His book will be available too.

Where:  Dining hall, St. Francis.

When:  May 9th, 7 PM

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